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Store Departments

Fresh Vegetables
As purchasing directly from the farm every day, we carefully select the most delicious vegetables try to ensure the goods fresh with the low prices.
Seasonal Fruits
In every early morning, we go to the fruit and vegetable market and carefully select the most fresh and delicious fruit. There have the fresh seasonal fruit from all over, cover everything ...
Live Seafood
Our every store has the giant fish tank, daily supplying of the fresh seafood: lobster, crab, geoduck, oysters, clams, allowing you to choose freely. We also provide our customer the fish cutting and cleaning services for free.
Fine Meats
The department of meat supplies all kinds of of fresh meat to the customer, and provides the meat cutting services; various of pickled meat for your purchase. Such as, barbecue we serving is the first choice for your convenience.
Frozen Foods
Our supermarkets installed the advanced freezer to maintain the food freshness with the ideal temperature. So our customer can taste all kinds of other frozen foods with different flavors of Asia as they want.
Variety Grocery
A wide Variety - eggs, milk, rice, noodles, tofu, soy products, soy sauce, seasoning spices, Southeast Asian-style-type ready-to-eat food, American food, household appliances, daily necessities, providing you with all the best food choices.
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Wine Shop
Shop red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, ice wine, cognac. Liquor selection from wide selection.
Chinese Remedy
Traditional Chinese remedies, herbal formulas and teas is broad range of chinese supplements.